Hire batak wall for your next company event or function to test your guests on their balance, reflexes and agility. Batak pro is just one of our many exhibition stand games that have the advantage of fitting in almost any sized venue. Our other exhibition stand games, such as hi striker and punch ball machine, tend to test guests on their strength, which separates batak lite from the rest. The batak reaction test challenges guests on their other abilities, aside from strength, and anyone has the chance to triumph and become the batak champ. Rent batak wall for your next event and watch as guests fling themselves across the batak wall to try and top the high score. This adrenaline-fuelled, fast-paced, competitive form of entertainment will amuse guests for the duration of your event.

The batak game is extremely popular and many will have seen the likes before. For those who haven’t, the aim of the game is simple, and can be picked up from watching one person have a turn. Players must stand in front of the batak board and wait for their turn to begin. As soon as the countdown starts a button on the board will light up. The player must hit the light to distinguish the illumination, prompting another button to light up elsewhere on the board. The winner is quite simply the player who hits the most lit up buttons within the time limit. A leader board can be set up, allowing us to keep track of the winners, with an overall batak hire winner being revealed at the end of the event.

Hire batak pro for corporate events and brand the machine with company logos and images. As mentioned, you can hire batak lite for almost any sized venue, and you can also hire batak from anywhere in the UK, seven days a week. The batak game hire will be delivered to your venue by our punctual and professional staff, who will man the machine and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day. If you are interested in the batak pro hire, or if you have any questions regarding the batak wall hire, please do not hesitate to ask. We have a wide range of other products and games available and we can work to any budget. We want to ensure that you pick the right entertainment for your specific event so be sure to give us as much information about your event as possible.